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The Basics

Marketing through promotions has filled an essential needin the business world by enabling traders to reasonably battle with one anotherfor the thought of buyers. Notwithstanding whether the items and ventures yourassociation gives are a need, an excess or a touch of whim, you can't rely upona one-time affirmation or casual babble to keep a consistent progression ofcustomers. A strong guarantee to publicizing is as much an outside welcome tomake a move as it is internal help to your business gathering


A little bit aboutus

Have you ever spent hours searching for that one product?For that one thing that you saw while walking down the subway, for that onething you over-heard in a conversation between a couple of interesting people,for that one thing you felt as someone bumped you on the street and went alongtheir way but you just stood there baffled by the product that grazed, for thatone thing you had once and no longer has and the yearning to have it again isnever-ending. If that truly is the case, then well there’s no need to worrybecause that’s what we here at there for. Your one-stop-shop to find what you were looking for


Where are we?Where are you?

Well to start, we're an e-company functioning out ofBasant Vihar.  Although the name of ourorigin and the name of our website may sound a bit unfamiliar to you, there'sno need to worry. Our credibility and service speak for themselves.

Currently, we're operating in all 195 countries of theworld. So, no matter whether you're reading this is in the sands of Marrakeshor the Mount Fiji of Japan or the bluegrass of Tennessee or the cut-off shoresof Iceland as long as you have an internet connection, you have us with you.

This is of great abundance to you, especially if you’resomeone who has a hectic schedule and travels a lot then you still have nothingto worry about. Whether you are at home or in the high-rise palace-like hotelsof Shangrilla beneath the summer moon, we’ll always be able to serve


“Publicizing andwhy you need it.”


We use publicizing to report intriguing or supportivedata to other individuals. A maker of an item, a retailer, or a specialistorganization may utilize promoting to educate the overall population about theaccessibility of their items and administrations. Be that as it may,publicizing can achieve a great deal more, as in giving data on the mostproficient method to contact the sponsor, where to discover the promoter, whothe sponsor is, and even what the sponsor's center rationality might be.


Legislators use promoting to tell potential voters whattheir objectives and needs are when to meet them at arouses and differentoccasions, and furthermore what open issues they (the government officials)feel are generally significant.


Governments use promoting to advise their residents howto discover uncommon administrations, when exceptional occasions are planned,and furthermore how to partake in government (through the race to office,applying for occupations, going to open gatherings, and so forth.).


Organizations use publicizing to draw in with potentialclients by revealing to them a progressing tale about the nature and qualitiesof their organizations and associations. Business sponsors additionally developclient dependability to their items and administrations.


Promoting can be exceptionally plain andmatter-of-certainty, or it very well may be incredibly imaginative,notwithstanding engaging. The style of an ad might be chosen by how aggressivethe business of the item or administration might be, or it may be the case thatan administration office conjures inventive publicizing to guarantee that theopen winds up mindful of a significant reality.


Approach to diversity– a more inclusive world

To us, diversity means something. The difference is a pillarthat the world should stand on not one that the world should fight around. Thus,in our catering to people from all walks of life, we understand that noteveryone understands English, let alone read it. Furthermore, even if one doesread and understand the language, they might not be as comfortable with it asthey are with their native one.

That is why our website offers 21 different languages.So, if you're someone who has felt marginalized because no website ever cateredto your linguistic needs, well there is no need to worry anymore. We're herefor you. We do understand that the 21 languages do not encapsulate all thegifted words we have on this planet, but the 21 do spread widely across theseven continents in terms of popularity and functionality. We hope you'll beable to find one that makes you feel comfortable and at home. The 21 languagesare listed below:





















Portuguese and many more language



Guiding lights

We also happen to believe in the simple principles ofEssentialism penned by Mr. Greg McKeown and the minimalistic principles ofMinimalism dictated by Joshua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus. You can see themriddled throughout our websites user-friendly and straightforward design. Asimple search-bar that only asks you what you are looking for and what city youare based in and the rest is all up to us.

If you do not know precisely what you're looking for buthave kind of an idea in your mind, then we got that covered as well. We havethese intricate categories that we created to cater to all walks and needs oflife. These categories have further sub-categories that are even more detailedand personalized. This allows you to filter out the trivial many and aid you inyour search for the vital few.


Freedom for freemarketing

One of the reasons this website was created to act as ahub for something different. Every other site out there will charge you a heftyprice if you want your ad up there. The worst part is you will not even knowhow many people your ad is reaching. It's like putting all your eggs in onebasket and not even knowing what the basket is made of and whether it's sturdyenough or not.

That’s why we created this website. A place where you canpost your ads for free as long as it meets our requirements. A place where onecan market whatever they want without having to pay a fee for it. A hub fordedicated communication without having to give in to some shady pyramid schemeor Ponzi-scheme just to get your message across.

All you need isan ad. If you have that, then we have space for you.


The best part about this is that you know for a fact thatsince our website is functioning in all 195 countries of the world. So thatmeans that you get access to a massive market. A market that includes peoplefrom every corner of every and any demographic and psychographic that you canfind. This will allow you to pursue a form of marketing known as sophisticatedmass-marketing, introduced by Byron Sharpe. A bit different from the typicaldedicated target marketing but indefinitely valid.


Catering to tastes, post free ad

Here at our website, we have categories that cater to alltastes, needs, and desires. So, no matter what it is that you are looking for,we have you covered. A list of the categories we have are:



Art, culture, and music

Business and financial

Assistance ads

Education and training




Health and fitness











Cars and bikes

Mobiles and tablets

Electronics and appliances

Real estate





As you can see, we offer a broad spectrum of products and services. For more details on the sub-categories, you can always visit our website..








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